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About Us

Based on the beautiful Isle of Man, Island Naturals is a family run business which was born out of the desire to provide ourselves and our customers with natural, environmentally kind alternatives to the whole host of chemical filled personal care products that are all too common in our lives today.

After my husband developed a sudden onset severe allergy to fragrances, I began to research why it had such a detrimental effect on his health and this then led me on to looking into all the other chemicals that were in our personal care products.

I was horrifed to see that many of the products we had been using were no more than a potent mix of chemicals - and the more research I did, the easier it was to come to the conclusion that I was no longer prepared to expose my family to these toxins.

But this proved to be a more difficult task than I first thought!  I did make the switch to natural products - but they invariably contains fragrances, albeit natural ones, which still caused my husband problems.... and this is where the idea of Island Naturals was born.

All of our products are natural and increasingly organic, and all are completely unfragranced - give them a try, and see what a difference they can make to your life!